Mano Cornuto( Antler, amethysts and seed pearl)

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The mano cornuto hands are Italian charms that are meant to keep evil away. They date as far back as the Roman era! An amulet that is still very popular and worn for the same purposes.

This beautiful hand is inspired by the ones of the Victorian era and even wears a tiny bracelet and two rings made of .925 silver and feature two genuine amethysts( natural) and a seed pearl.
Total length of pendant is 68mm( from bail to index finger). The bracelet does move around a little bit.
Amethyst in bracelet is 11mm tall.

Hand carved from moose antler.

If you wish to have care instructions, please leave me a message and I will e-mail one to you( or include in the parcel if you wish).

Comes in a lovely gift box and is carefully wrapped and packaged. Sent in a sturdy corrugated box.

You will receive the exact pendant in the photos.

If you do not see your country listed, please e-mail me, I will update.